Monday, August 1, 2011

Lost Show & Concept Cars, 1949-1950

Prototype two-door hardtops were shown at GM's Transportation Unlimited in 1949. Near the center of this photo is the Bel Air. Also shown are Oldsmobile and Buick two-door hardtops. The fates of these hardtop prototypes remain unknown.

 This 1949 Buick Riviera was painted silver and white and had silver interior - a scheme not offered by Buick. The unique car was shown at GM's 1949 Transportation Unlimited shows held in New York City and Detroit. These photos, however, were taken inside the GM Building.

 Prototype hardtops were shown at GM's Transportation Unlimited auto show. This is the 1949 Pontiac Catalina.

Another show car for the Transportation Unlimited show was this 1949 Cadillac El Rancho. It was painted "Mexican Dawn" and its interior was saddle leather trimmed with dark suede kip’s hide and saddle-stitched in white cord. Interior hardware consisted of antiqued and hand-engraved silver.

 One of the many show cars at the 1950 GM Mid-Century Motorama which had to have made quite an impression on show attendees was the two-door hardtop Oldsmobile Palm Beach Holiday Ninety-Eight (barely visible in upper left photo, far background). Painted Cabana Sand over Surf Green, the Palm Beach was upholstered in green alligator leather with a contrasting fine cane mesh fabric! The fate of this show car remains unknown.

 The 1950 Cadillac Debutante show car featured "Tawny Buff" paint, gold-plated interior hardware, and leopard skin upholstery. This car may still exist.


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  2. its inner was saddle jacket trimmed accompanying opaque suede kip’s hide also saddle-stitched in pale twine. Central hardware consisted of antiqued plus extremity-engraved argent.penny auction for cars